About Chicago Summer Music Camp

The Chicago Summer Music Camp is a day camp for students ages 5-18 years old. Accordingly, aspects of the camps are structured to be enriching, exciting, and educational for children to experience music in a fun way during the long summer months.

The Campers taught by AMI’s award-winning faculty, strive to set out a foundation and love for music. The camp curriculum created the best aspects of music education and performance in mind. Daily, campers create and perform music with each other building upon the lessons they learn.

About Chicago Summer Music Camp

One of the highlights at the camp is learning the basics of music with music theory and history from Baroque to Modern to Pop/Rock. While students learn about theory and history, they also encourage students to create their own compositions by taking part in Composition Class. At the end of each day, students and faculty alike participate in the performance class. Additionally, all are encouraged to play their own compositions in the pursuit to learn from one another in an enriching musical experience, making music together.

Students participate in five (5) exciting, educational and performance-orientated classes
– Music Appreciation (theory, history)
– Composition
– Group Lessons
– Improv Class
– Chamber Music
– Performance Classes / Orchestra

American Music Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. AMI’s mission is to provide a high standard of music education to all students in all instruments, levels, ages, and styles of music. Our principal objective is to preserve the art of music education and music performance. AMI offers a variety of programs in all disciplines of music and for all ages, levels, and styles of music.