Chicago Summer Music Camp – Policies


Please plan to attend camp daily, on time. No prorated tuition is given to student if a student misses a day of camp. If you will miss a camp day, please notify Camp at

Tuition Payment

In order to participate in Chicago Summer Music Camp, tuition shall be paid in full 10 days prior to camp starting date. If tuition is paid, there are no refunds and I understand that I waive my right to a chargeback through my bank or card issuer.

Camp Faculty

Camp, in partnership with American Music Institute will be staffed by AMI’s Award Winning Faculty, and the highest caliber professional musicians in the Chicago area.

Pictures & Videos

Camp occasionally uses photographs and videos of Camp students at rehearsals or events for website, social media and promotional purposes. Therefore, I understand and authorize AMI’s use of photographic or video recordings of AMI students for educational purposes on promotional material, internet, and social media.


I understand that failure to attend camp daily does not constitute a lack of receiving services. No credit or refund will be given for any missed days. I understand that I cannot chargeback on my credit or debit card once Camp Tuition is paid, partial or in full once submitted. I understand that tuition is non refundable. In the event that I should withdraw, I understand that I have the right to contest this charge through American Music Institute and that I waive my right to a chargeback through my bank or card issuer.